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Chemlok 3Stream LSR Adhesion Additive

Chemlok 3Stream is an adhesion promoting additive that can impart self-bonding properties to non-self-bonding LSR. Making this the most cost effective solution for LSR bonding, up to 50% cost savings and the ability to bond to nearly all LSRs. 

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LSR Self-Bonding Additive

Eliminate the need for expensive self-bonding LSRs, solvents, labor associated with the application of primers and long lead-time of self-bonding LSRs. Incorporate Chemlok 3Stream additive into your injection molding process by adding the additive via a standard third stream pump, similar to a colorant. Our teams have gone through extensive testing to achieve rubber tearing bonds. Our adhesion promoter for LSR is proven on many thermoplastics and clean metals. 

person looking at cost savings on paper

LSR Cost Savings

Save up to 50% in raw material costs in comparison to self-bonding LSRs, by utilizing Chemlok 3Stream with regular LSRs.

Excellent Bonding Performance

Achieve rubber tearing bonds to thermoplastics and clean metals, without impacting LSR physical properties.

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LSR Supply Chain Improvement

Utilize Chemlok 3Stream adhesion additive with regular LSRs, which are more abundant and readily available, reducing lead times. And, can be used with nearly all LSRs. 

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Increase manufacturing efficiency by eliminating labor costs, as well as harsh solvents associated with traditional primers/adhesives systems. 

LSR Applications

Types of liquid silicone rubber applications 

SUV/car on road
  • Soft-Touch Components
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Lens & Reflectors (or Optical Components)
cables and connectors plugged into machine
  • Cables 
  • Connectors
  • Wiring Harnesses 
baby bottle with attachment made out of silicone
Infant Care
  • Baby Bottles 
  • Teething Rings
  • Baby/Infant Toys
  • Pacifiers
medical tools made from silicone
  • Handles for Surgical Tools
  • Medical Device Components 
  • Oxygen Masks 
  • Hearing Aids
cooking with a silicone kitchen tool
Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Wearable Technology 
  • Kitchen Utensils
man working on injection molding machine

Transform Regular LSR into Self-Bonding LSR

Chemlok 3Stream is a new adhesion additive technology disrupting the LSR industry by transforming regular LSR into self-bonding LSR, without the premium cost and lead time associated with self-bonding LSRs or the labor and volatile organic compounds associated with traditional primer/adhesive applications.

What is Liquid Silicone Rubber?

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a high purity two-part platinum-cured elastomer that is typically used in an injection molding process to form a part requiring precise dimensions. Due to its heat resistance, low temperature flexibility, chemical resistance and biological inertness, LSR is used in applications that span across multiple industries, including: automotive, electronics, infant care, medical, general industrial and consumer goods.

How to Bond LSR to Clean Metals & Plastics?

Bonding LSR to plastics and clean metals with current technology on the market requires primers or special self-bonding LSRs. Both bonding methods have significant drawbacks. Primers require extra process steps and the management of volatile solvents, while self-bonding LSRs suffer from high price, short shelf life and limited availability. However, Chemlok 3Stream is a new disruptive technology available enabling regular LSR to become self-bonding LSR, making it the best choice for bonding clean metals and plastics. Chemlok 3Stream additive is proven to bond to these substrates without changing the physical properties of the LSR.

New Adhesion Additive Technology Eliminates Expensive Self-Bonding LSR
Chemlok 3stream will improve the speed and cost of bonding LSRs to various substrates without having to purchase self-bonding LSR.
Tips on Using a New Adhesion Additive in LSR Molding
Learn about Chemlok 3Stream’s proven performance and find out tips for using this additive to optimize manufacturing processes.


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