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LORD TFDs enable a smooth feel and maximum control to SbW vehicle operators.The Tactile Feedback Device (TFD®) steering unit is a key component of fully electric and electro-hydraulic Steer-by-Wire (SbW) systems. These devices provide an integrated solution that combines bearing support, steering position sensing, communication and continuously variable resistive steering torque, delivering high-fidelity tactile feedback and maximum control to the operator. The resistive steering feedback is fully programable, with custom algorithms available based on equipment operating conditions.

The LORD TFD is a multifunction unit, providing both incredibly smooth steering feel (through the use of Magnetically Responsive (MR) technology) and reliable and redundant steering control signals (including CAN functionality). Our TFD steering unit is maintenance free and will never require inspection or adjustment during the expected service life. Also, there are very few moving parts in the TFD which greatly enhances durability. All of this adds up to a compact, robust, low power, easy-to-install, and maintenance-free design. To learn more, view our TFD Brochure or see How a TFD Works.

Where are Tactile Feedback Devices used?

We have been a pioneer in SbW steering units since 1999, when the first device began production on a forklift truck application. With more than half a million devices in the field, LORD Corporation has a long history of providing reliable and safe TFD steering units to OEMs in various markets including: Marine (Helm Controls), Material Handling (Forklifts), Turf (Greens Mowers), Off-Highway (Agricultural Tractors and Construction Equipment) and Small Industrial Vehicles (Floor Sweepers, Zamboni, Etc.).


5Nm TFD steering units are designed to meet the needs of a growing trend, the adoption of smaller steering wheels. To meet the various needs of these applications, LORD has developed a standard product line of 5Nm devices.

The 5Nm TFD is designed to integrate with the vehicle steering controller.

12Nm TFD steering units are designed for applications with larger steering wheels. LORD has a standard 12Nm TFD steering unit to accomodate the higher steering torque required in these applications.

The 12Nm TFD is designed to integrate with the vehicle steering controller.

20Nm TFD steering units are designed for applications requiring maximum steering torque.

The 20Nm TFD contains an integrated controller which uses inputs from the CAN-bus, allowing for highly tunable steering settings.

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