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12Nm Tactile Feedback Device Where To Buy Contact Us

12Nm Tactile Feedback Device for Steer-by-Wire SystemsLORD 12Nm TFD® steering units are designed for applications with larger steering wheels. We have a standard 12Nm TFD steering unit to accomodate the higher steering torque required in these applications.

We have a diverse portfolio of TFD steering units to satisfy a variety of customer steer-by-wire requirements. Our portfolio includes devices capable of producing resistive steering torque ranging from 5Nm to 20Nm. For more TFD products visit SbW Tactile Feedback Devices.

What is a Tactile Feedback Device and How Does it Work?

The TFD steering unit is a key component of fully-electric and electro-hydraulic SbW systems. Click here to learn more about what it is, and how it works.


TFD Brochure

12Nm TFD Steering Units - Features & Specifications

12Nm Tactile Feedback Device SpecificationsFeatures & Benefits

  • Improved Steering Feedback Performance
    • Programmable resistive steering feedback based on equipment operating conditions
    • Smooth Steering Torque Independant of Vehicle Speed and Temperature
      • No "Stick Slip" at Low Speeds (Common with Friction Brakes)
      • No Electric Motor "Cogging" Feel
    • Increased Ease of Off-Road Maneuverability
    • Improved Accuracy at On-Road Speeds
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Fast Response Time
  • Reliable Control Signals
    • Multiple Non-Contact Sensor Configurations (2, 3, or 4 Outputs)
    • Analog (v) and/or Digital (pwm) Outputs
    • Protected from EMC
    • SIL2/3 Safety Rating (SIL = Safety Integrity Level)
  • Increased Design Flexibility
    • Extensive Portfolio of Standard and Customized Solutions
    • Robust, Easy-to-Install, Compact Design
    • Improved Steering Ergonomics for the Operator
    • No Maintenance Required

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