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5Nm Tactile Feedback Device for Steer-by-Wire SystemsLORD 5Nm TFD® steering units are designed to meet the needs of a growing trend, the adoption of smaller steering wheels. Many industrial and off-highway equipment OEMs are now considering more innovative and flexible steering interfaces. To meet the various needs of these applications, we have developed a standard product line of 5Nm devices.

We have a diverse portfolio of TFD steering units to satisfy a variety of customer steer-by-wire (SbW) requirements. Our portfolio includes devices capable of producing resistive steering torque ranging from 5Nm to 20Nm. For more TFD products visit SbW Tactile Feedback Devices.

What is a Tactile Feedback Device and How Does it Work?

The TFD steering unit is a key component of fully-electric and electro-hydraulic SbW systems. Click here to learn more about what it is, and how it works.


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5Nm TFD Steering Units - Features & Specifications

5Nm Tactile Feedback Device SpecificationsStandard Features

  • 2-channel dual-redundant, non-contact, Hall Effect steering sensor
  • Sensor output (three options)
    • Standard digital (PWM) multi-rotational code
    • Analog code suitable for controllers with limited digital I/O
    • Analog multi-rotational code with no discontinuities in the signal
  • Shaft connection (two standard options)
    • Flat
    • Cross-drilled
  • Deutsch DTM04-6P connector
  • 20 AWG wire
  • 200mm cable length
  • 10 Ohm coil

Customized Solutions

We have designed and manufactured various customized devices, which are tuned to specific customer requirements. These designs may include the following unique features:

  • Quad-Redundant steering sensors
  • Housings
  • Shaft connections
  • Cable connections and length
  • Coil resistance
  • Sensor outputs
  • CAN-bus enabled devices
    • Enables more sophisticated steering algorithms using various vehicle inputs
    • Enhances the steering feel of a vehicle in ways not possible with previous technology

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