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Aerospace & Defense Equipment Vibration Isolators Where to Buy

LORD Corporation aerospace equipment vibration isolators set the standard for compact, high-load, high-capacity vibration isolation mounts. Our vibration isolators are designed to support and protect avionics equipment in all types of aircraft and defense systems. These vibration isolation mounts are made with specially compounded silicone elastomers which exhibit excellent resonant control. This is evidenced by the low transmissibility at resonance. The design of these elastomeric isolators also provides linear deflection characteristics.

LORD aerospace equipment vibration isolators are tested and approved to the environmental tests appearing in MIL-STD-810 or MIL-E-5400. They may be used in a temperature range of -65°F to +300°F (-54°C to +149°C) for BTR® Silicone and -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C) for BTR® II Silicone.

Inertial guidance and navigation systems and radar components are examples of applications where these vibration mounts are used. In addition, equipment isolators are used to isolate engine/aircraft accessories such as fuel controls, pressure sensors and oil coolers.

Which Vibration Isolator Should You Choose?

Before attempting to apply any vibration isolator, it is important to know as much as possible about the conditions under which it will be used and the sensitivity (fragility) of the equipment to be mounted. This knowledge must be coupled with an understanding of the various types of vibration and shock mounts which might be applied to a given problem. Depending on the type of vibration isolator, the material from which it is made (such as natural rubber or silicone) and the operating conditions, the performance of the vibration isolator and its effectiveness can vary widely. These factors must be considered, and the proper accommodations made to theory, to arrive at a reasonably accurate estimate of the performance of the isolated system.

BTR® Mounts provide excellent all-attitude control of vibration and resistance to environmental extremes. A mechanically safetied assembly incorporates a reliable elastomer-to-metal bond.

Compression Load Range:
0.45 - 68 kg (1 - 150 lbs)

Low Profile Avionics Mounts set the standard for compact, high-load, high capacity isolators. These mounts are tested and approved to the environmental tests appearing in MIL-STD-810 or MIL-E-5400.

Compression Load Range:
1.4 - 11.4 kg (3 - 25 lbs)

Miniature Mounts are suitable for use with circuit boards, sensors, displays, instruments, control and other electronic modules. Their compactness eliminates the need for sway space and provides an overall savings in weight.

Compression Load Range:
0.23 - 4.55 kg (0.5 - 10 lbs)

Plate Form Mounts isolate steady-state vibration and control occasional shock. These mounts are easy to install and available in two configurations to suit a variety of design requirements. A contoured flexing element, high strength bond, and specially compounded elastomers provide maximum service life.

Compression Load Range:
0.10 - 5.4 kg (0.25 - 12 lbs)

Pedestal Mounts are designed to protect delicate electronic equipment from damaging shock and vibration, these isolators are simple to install and the low-profile design requires a minimum of headroom. These mounts have high damping and wide operating temperature range.

Compression Load Range:
3.6 - 27 kg (8 - 50 lbs)

High Deflection Mounts are ideal for a variety of shock protection applications. Capable of deflecting in both the axial and radial directions under a shock load, these mounts also provide isolation when high amplitude vibration excitation is expected.

Compression Load Range:
0.91 - 23 kg (2 - 50 lbs)

Multiplane Mounts are lightweight and compact, they provide economical protection from lower frequency disturbances regardless of directions of the forces.

Compression Load Range:
0.10 - 3.6 kg (0.25 - 8 lbs)

Micro-MountsTM are unique, high-performance vibration isolators small enough and soft enough to isolate individual sensitive electronic components and circuit boards.

Compression Load Range:
46 g (0.1 lb)

Shipping Container Mounts are for fragile, valuable products needing predictable, low to medium level protection. Offering controlled stiffness in all directions, a rugged one-piece bonded assembly, and long service life, they are reusable for years, even under severe shipping conditions.

Shear Load Range:
25 - 595 kg (55 - 1310 lbs)

Interior Isolators feature compact geometry, lightweight materials, failsafe designs and quick installation snap-in and thread locking. These mounts isolate discrete attach points in sidewall panels, floor panels, close-out panels, bulkheads, luggage bins, windows and more. Select isolators meet flame, smoke and toxicity requirements.

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