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BTR® Broad Temperature Range Mounts Where to Buy

BTR Vibration Isolation MountsBTR® Broad Temperature Range Mounts are vibration control isolators designed for protection of sensitive equipment exposed to severe dynamic conditions. Developed especially for critical applications and high performance aircraft, missile, spacecraft and vehicular environments, they are compact and highly efficient. The HT series vibration isolation mounts are suitable for all attitude mounting systems that require natural frequencies above 20 Hz in the ambient temperature from -65°F to +300°F.

The excellent internal damping capability of BTR elastomer limits amplification at resonance to 3.5 or less under typical application conditions. HT series vibration isolators are available in four basic series: HT0, HT1, HT2 and HTC. Inverted designs with identical performance are available in the same corresponding series UT0, UT1 and UT2. Their compactness permits designers to utilize internal suspension arrangements, eliminating the need for sway space outside the case. BTR vibration isolation mounts incorporate a reliable elastomer-to-metal bond in a mechanical safetied assembly. Repeat checks at 15g, 11ms, half-sine pulse inputs reveal no reduction in isolation efficiency. The mount withstands shock impulses of 30g, 11ms, half-sine pulse without failure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Resonant frequency and transmissibility are virtually constant from -65°F to +300°F
  • Amplification at resonance is 3.5 or less under typical conditions
  • Mechanically safetied assembly incorporates a reliable elastomer-to-metal bond.
  • Inputs at resonance can be as high as .06 inch D.A.
  • Efficiently isolates disturbing forces in all directions


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