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High Deflection Mounts (HDM / MHDM Series) Where to Buy

High Deflection Shock MountsThe HDM or High Deflection Mount is ideal for a variety of shock protection applications. Capable of deflecting 0.75 inches in both the axial and radial directions under a shock load, it also provides isolation when high amplitude vibration excitation is expected. While supporting the rated load, the HDM will attenuate a 15g, 11ms, half-sine pulse to 10g and 30g, 11ms, half-sine pulse to 16g.

HDM shock mounts are available in LORD BTR® silicone and SPE® I elastomers to suit a variety of applications. The BTR silicone has excellent damping characteristics as well as broad temperature range performance characteristics from -65°F to +300°F. LORD SPE I has good damping characteristics and is suitable for environments from -65°F to +165°F.


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