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Aerospace Micro-Mounts™

Micro-Mount Vibration Isolators

High-Performance Vibration Isolators

LORD Corporation introduces Micro-MountsTM - unique, high-performance vibration isolators small enough and soft enough to isolate individual sensitive electronic components and circuit boards. Now available to the commercial market, these small, flexible mounts have been used successfully on GPS oscillators in satellites and on military aircraft.

Design Solutions

LORD Micro-Mounts are designed to isolate individual components and circuit boards - eliminating the need to isolate entire systems. Micro-Mounts lower system costs by:

  • Isolating discrete components and circuit boards;
  • Reducing space requirements;
  • Improving component reliability;
  • Enhancing component performance.

Made of LORD BTR® (Broad Temperature Range) silicone bonded to stainless-steel, these mounts are ideal for applications where minimal change over temperature is required. And, the combination of this unique high-end silicone with stainless-steel components assures easy installation in a wide range of applications.

Two Designs to Fit Your Needs

LORD offers Micro-Mounts in two configurations - the MX002 Series and the MX003 Series - each with its own compression-to-shear stiffness ratio.

LORD Micro-Mounts MX Series

  • Rated static load per isolator: 0.1 lb (46 g)
  • Maximum static load per isolator: 0.2 lb (92 g)
  • Maximum dynamic input at resonance and rated load: 0.02 inch (0.507 mm) D.A.
  • Materials: Hex nuts - SST | Elastomer - Medium-Damped Silicon


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