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Pedestal Mounts (PS Series) Where to Buy

Pedestal Vibration Isolation MountsDesigned to protect delicate electronic equipment from damaging shock and vibration, these vibration isolators are widely used in jet aircraft, missile, spacecraft, and related ground support equipment. The low-profile design requires a minimum of headroom. Installation is simple; no special openings or tools are needed. Bonded in BTR® elastomer, these vibration isolation mounts have high damping and wide operating temperature range.


  • Rated load range: 8 to 60 pounds
  • Maximum amplification at resonance: 2.5 to 4, depending on vibration environment
  • Operating temperature range: -65°F to +300°F
  • Gradual snubbing under shock load
  • Accommodate vibratory inputs up to .06 inch D.A.
  • Sustain a 15g, 11ms, half-sine shock pulse without significant change in performance and a 30g, 11ms, half-sine pulse without failure


  • Fully bonded: precise, predictable and reliable performance over a wide range of vibration disturbances
  • All-attitude performance; axial and radial static and dynamic characteristics nearly the same, can be loaded in any direction
  • Fail safe; mechanical interlock keeps equipment in place in the event of elastomeric failure


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