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Shipping Container Shock MountThe LORD series of Shipping Container Mounts are for fragile, valuable products needing predictable, low to medium level protection. Bonded elastomeric sandwich shock mounts are simple, versatile, economical and easy to install.

These Shipping Container Mounts consist of two metal plates with an elastomer bonded between them. The composition and configuration of the elastomer determines the static and dynamic properties of the part. Sandwich vibration isolation mounts have excellent capacity for energy control, and they exhibit linear shear load deflection characteristics through a significant deflection range.

Offering controlled stiffness in all directions, a rugged one-piece bonded assembly, and long service life, they are reusable for years, even under severe shipping conditions. Standardization includes both elastomer and hardware. Seven different series of parts give you a wide choice of sizes, load capacities and spring rates.

LORD Shipping Container Mounts are made in SPETM I Elastomer, a broad-temperature range stock, and meet the rigid requirements of military packaging specifications over the entire operational temperature spectrum from -65°F to +165°F. Low carbon steel metal components are painted for corrosion protection. If paint is not required, they are treated with a rust preventative.

Shipping Container Mounts are designed to meet dynamic load requirements. Drop tests are conducted to determine the energy-absorbing characteristics under specified environmental conditions. Mounts are subject to severe fatigue tests to determine expected life. Still other tests are run to determine dynamic natural frequency, damping values and fatigue life under vibratory conditions.

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A special class of shock analysis is that which involves drop tests, or specifications, such as with protective shipping containers.


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