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LORD Corporation's APU Mounting System helps ensure passenger comfort by greatly reducing the noise and vibration transferred into the cabin.LORD Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Mounting Systems support an aircraft's APU. An APU is an auxiliary generator that powers aircraft systems when grounded, enabling operators to avoid running the main engines at the gate. As with any mechanical system, an APU introduces noise into the aircraft, and LORD Corporation's APU Mounting System helps ensure passenger comfort by greatly reducing the noise and vibration transferred into the cabin.

OEMs are developing aircraft with ambitious design goals. These design goals include more stringent isolation performance, better noise abatement, significant cost reduction, reduced weight, longer life, reduced direct operating costs and fewer components. To meet these new standards, LORD has designed and qualified an APU Mount System that offers significant weight reductions and great vibration attenuation at a competitive cost.

Where are LORD Solutions Currently Used?

LORD solutions can be found on various fixed wing aircraft. LORD is both an OEM and MRO solution provider - if you are an owner or operator of one of these platforms, please visit our MRO Services page.


APU Mount Product Bulletin


Features and Benefits

  • Reduced weight — Enables a 15-40% reduction in weight and a 30-40% reduction in part count through rod end isolator design when compared to canister style systems
  • Long life-cycle with easy maintenance — Retains the APU on the aircraft with fireproof CRES structure
  • Easy installation — Allows for easy installation and removal of APU
  • Interior noise isolation — Maintains superior noise and vibration isolation performance that ensures passen­ger comfort
  • Better performance — Allows for thermal growth of the APU system installation and protects the APU and the airframe/tail cone from cyclic loading


  • Airbus — A300B, A340-500/600
  • BAE — 748ATP
  • Boeing — 727, 737, 747, 787
  • Bombardier — Lear Star 600, CRJ 100/200, CRJ 700/900, Challenger 300/604
  • Cessna — Citation X
  • Convair — 580, 600, 990
  • Dassault — 50, 90/900EX, 2000/2000EX, 7X
  • Douglas — DC-6
  • Embraer — 120, 135/145, Legacy
  • Fokker — F-28
  • Gulfstream — GV
  • Lockheed — C5
  • Mitsubishi — MRJ
  • Saab — 2000

Note: Various aircraft have a wide range of APU sizes and weights, each with unique isolation systems.

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