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FW Engine Mount For more than 85 years, Parker LORD has been creating solutions to meet some of the most demanding Aerospace challenges including the design and developing of aircraft EAS. Our systems are designed to safely and reliable mount aircraft engines, control the relative motions and reduce vibration and load transmission into the airframe. From the early radial piston engines to today's advanced turbo fans and turbo-props, we continue to provide successful solutions for one of the industry's toughest problems.

In support of our EAS offering, Parker LORD has developed a toolkit of design and manufacturing technologies spanning everything from hard attach to fully-compliant attach systems. This is supported by extensive materials (both metallic and elastomeric), proprietary and industry analytical tools and full static and dynamic in-house test capability.

Parker LORD Offerings

  • System requirements development
  • Performance analysis
  • Design, development and testing
  • Qualification
  • Support to certification
  • production and product support

Key Attributes of Parker LORD EAS

  • Long certification experience with all major authorities: EASA, FAA, TCA, CAAC and IAC
  • Solutions which balance the often conflicting requirement of performance, weight, envelope, installation, maintenance and cost - while maintaining safety
  • EAS design flexibility, allowing OEMS more time to define and fix interfaces (at the pylon and/or engine) and attachment methodology and technology.
  • Options for redundant and/or damage tolerance design approaches.
  • Motion control to ensure engine and aerodynamic loads go where intended.
  • Thorough analytical and practical understanding of EAS structure modal characteristics and response
  • Multiple material options: 15-5PH, 17-4PH, PH13-8Mo, Inco. 718 and Ti6AI4V
  • Wide range of compliant attachment technologies


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Where are Parker LORD Solutions Currently Used?

Our solutions can be found on a variety of aircraft. Parker LORD is both an OEM and MRO solution provider - if you are an owner or operator of one of these platforms, please visit our MRO Services page.

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