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FW Engine MountAs a pioneer and industry leader, we have used our innovative technologies to design the best solutions for your aircraft, including elastomeric and non-elastomeric mounts, full structures, yokes and attachments. LORD mounts and attachments provide the best solutions for your aircraft without compromise, resulting in lower risk and total cost for our customers.

Where are LORD Solutions Currently Used?

LORD solutions can be found on various fixed wing aircraft. LORD is both an OEM and MRO solution provider - if you are an owner or operator of one of these platforms, please visit our MRO Services page.


Engine Mount Brochure


Features and Benefits

  • Optimized to your needs — Designs balance the envelope size and weight requirements
  • Better performance — Increase damage tolerance for fan blade out
  • Increased load control — Mounts designed to take thrust and G-loads instead of the engine core
  • Increase comfort and reliability — Eliminates noise and vibrations
  • Reduce complexity — Installs fast and with less part count
  • Greater flexibility — Allows for multiple engines and configurations


  • Commercial / Military Turbofan Aircraft
  • Business Aircraft and Very Light Jets
  • Commercial  Military / General Aviation TurboProps

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