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Dynaflex® Flexible Couplings | Torsional Couplings Where To Buy

Among the large variety of torsional couplings available, LORD Corporation's elastomeric flexible couplings offer the most comprehensive package of benefits available to the powertrain designer. LORD Corporation's product lines include five different flexible coupling styles which cover a wide range of application requirements. Both main drive flexible flywheel couplings (connecting the engine or motor to a transmission, pump, compressor, or generator) and accessory drive flexible couplings (connecting starters, alternators, fans, blowers, power take-offs, etc.) are available in a host of custom designs and standard product variations.

Elastomeric flexible couplings prolong driveline component life because they reduce the magnitude of imposed loads, attenuate vibration in multiple planes, accommodate misalignments in multiple planes, and act as barriers impeding noise created by meshing gears, engaging clutches, etc. Elastomeric flexible couplings are also maintenance free. They require no lubrication or other maintenance throughout their service life.

With extensive experience in designing industrial products for vibration, shock and motion control, LORD engineers can assist you with selecting an appropriate flexible coupling type and configuration. LORD Corporation’s elastomeric flexible coupling standard product lines are presented in the following sections. Many variations of the standard products seen below are also available.

Application of Elastomeric Flexible Couplings

Application requirements dictate the flexible coupling style needed to optimize powertrain performance and component longevity. Misalignment accommodation, torsional vibration isolation, transient shock dissipation and required service life are important parameters to consider when selecting a torsional coupling to fill specific application requirements.

Powertrain component life is determined by the load spectrum each component will experience during the machine’s service life. Reciprocating engines, such as spark-ignited gasoline and compression-ignited diesels, produce alternating torque loads which, when superimposed on the steady driving torque, create alternating stresses in driveline system components which shorten component life and reliability. High transient start-up torques and misalignment caused by skewed rotational axes between driver and driven components in electric motor, hydraulic and pneumatic drives also cause high imposed forces on driven components. These unwanted forces loosen bolted joints and cause spline fretting, clutch disk wear, bearing failure, gear tooth fatigue and shaft fatigue, among an array of other problems.

Shear-Type Couplings are compact, one-piece flexible couplings economically constructed to isolate low-frequency vibration and accommodate multi-directional misalignment. These couplings are ideally suited for fractional horsepower drivelines demanding noise reduction, vibration isolation and maintenance-free operation.

Rated: 1/50 to 1 hp at 1750 rpm

Spool-Type Couplings provide low frequency vibration isolation in high torque drive systems. These couplings are customer-assembled using bonded flexing spools bolted between customer-supplied metal hubs. Shear spool-type couplings provide excellent protection against destructive torsional vibration.

Rated: 5 to 1000 hp at 2000 rpm

Bushing-Type Couplings accommodate misalignment, cushion torsional shock and do not generate or transmit noise. Since relative motion is taken in the elastomer no lubricant is involved or ever required. Dirt and grit cannot effect the coupling bushings. These couplings are relatively stiff torsionally compared to other elastomeric couplings.

Rated: 10 to 600 hp at 2000 rpm

LCR Series Couplings offer a soft torsional spring rate which attenuates shock torques and provides excellent misalignment accomodation. These ring-type, highly flexible, rubber couplings are easy to install, eliminate lubrication and maintenance, reduce noise transmission, and increase bearing and driveline life.

Rated: 4 to 135 hp at 2000 rpm

LCD Series Flywheel Couplings were developed to overcome numerous torsional problems associated with vehicular and industrial driveline systems. These couplings provide maximum isolation of engine firing pulse induced disturbances, torque overload slip protection, and superior shock pulse attenuation and fatigue life.

Rated: 75 to 2000 hp at 2000 rpm

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