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LCR Highly Flexible Couplings Where to Buy

LCR Series Highly Flexible CouplingsRated: 4 to 135 hp at 2000 rpm

For angular misalignment, torsional vibration and shock protection, nothing performs better than LORD LCR Series Couplings. These ring-type, highly flexible elastomeric couplings for accessory drives are designed to eliminate lubrication and maintenance. The couplings are easy to install. They reduce noise transmission and increase bearing and driveline life through.

  • Greater misalignment accommodation
  • Isolation of low frequency disturbances
  • Isolation of torsional shock

The LCR series has been developed to overcome numerous torsional problems associated with vehicular and industrial driveline systems. They increase equipment life by protecting against torsional vibration, shock and misalignment.LORD LCR series couplings are maintenance-free and exhibit long service life. The elastomer in LCR couplings attenuates structure-borne noise and isolates vibration from components that act as noise generators.


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