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Surface-Effect Mounts Where to Buy

Surface-Effect MountsSurface-Effect Mounts combine surface-effect damping principles with traditional rubber-bonded-to-metal technology. The result is a soft mount capable of providing effective damping over large deflections and a wide range of frequencies. As cab and engine mounts in on and off-highway vehicles, Surface-Effect Mounts meet the most demanding requirements for vibration isolation and noise attenuation while controlling motion.

The systems feature a damper pack containing an elastomer that comes in contact with a sliding surface, producing both hysteretic and friction damping. When conventional mounts are unable to satisfy vehicle requirements, Surface-Effect Mounts can successfully control noise and vibration for improved ride comfort and enhanced product performance and maintainability.

Features and Benefits

  • A smoothly damped response at low and medium frequencies with isolation at high frequencies; natural frequency is 6 Hz at rated load
  • Amplitude sensitive, responding to larger motions with greater damping forces
  • Speed mount optimization and vehicle development by allowing easy in-the-field adjustment of damping and small displacement decoupling
  • Accommodate a wide range of rated loads
  • Withstand R.O.P.S. loads with the addition of support rings. Further non-standard support rings for special applications are available
  • Offer optimal tuning through the modular spring/damper assembly for ride comfort and motion control
  • Exhibit long, highly reliable service life

The on-site adjustable damping and decoupling capabilities of the mounts offer unique advantages in terms of reducing development/testing time and minimizing the cost of systems optimization. Adding or removing damping disks within a mount's surface-effect pack changes the contact area and amount of damping for adjustment of prototype mounts. Surface-Effect Mounts are simple in construction, and the absence of pressure seals and fluids eliminates the possibility of leaks common with hydraulic mounts. In accelerated durability tests, these mounts have successfully passed more than 11 million cycles (the equivalent of 3 million kilometers or 2 million miles of Class 8 truck cab service) without significant wear.



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