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Manufacturing Quality Parts in Bowling Green

We produce a broad range of products at our Bowling Green, Kentucky facility and are considered an employer of choice in the area. The experience and value our employees bring to our operation is second to none – they are the lifeblood that allows our plant to operate. 

Join us on a short visit to our manufacturing facility in Bowling Green to hear what our employees have to say.

Our Bowling Green facility was constructed in 1975. It’s about 113,000 square feet. LORD built it as a green field location as we looked to establish a plant in the Mid-West that was much closer to our core customer base which is located all across North America. We are an employer of choice in Bowling Green. We’ve got employees in our facility that have been with us for close to 40 years. Certainly, the experience and value they bring to our operation is second to none. They’re really the life-blood of what allows our plant to operate. We produce a broad range of products in Bowling Green. We consider ourselves to be a manufacturer of an engineered solution for our customers. The people on the shop floor that are running the machines making the parts – they know what’s going on with their systems. Quality is everything. I mean without quality there’s nothing. That’s what we build our basis on here, is quality. Safety and quality. We have a very state of the art quality lab that’s in place that allows us to do a lot of complex testing on components. We over stress our parts so we know it’ll work in the field. LORD goes above and beyond to make sure the customer gets a good quality part. Quality is what’s going to keep the company, you know, number one. It’s what makes us stand out. We are second to none in this business.

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